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Impact of Data on Generalization of AI for Surgical Intelligence Applications

AI has the potential to improve surgeon performance and patient care. But, how much data does an AI-based system need to learn surgical context with high fidelity? With Theator, not much.

Train One, Classify One, Teach One: Cross-Surgery Transfer Learning for Surgical Step Recognition

Our innovative machine learning architecture enables scalability by reproducing our AI capabilities in laparoscopic cholecystectomy to other procedures and specialties with <10% of the data size.

Stanford University Collaboration: Situating Artificial Intelligence In Surgery

Our AI annotates not only procedure steps, but also intra-op events and safety milestones. Here, we show that Theator can identify these components as accurately as a surgeon.

Video Transformer Network: A Better Approach to Video Action Recognition

Theator’s unique video recognition method provides 65% greater accuracy and significantly faster processing compared to a traditional AI approach, enabling real-time annotations.

Accurate Detection of Out-of-Body Segments in Surgical Video Using Semi-Supervised Learning

Data privacy is essential for any healthcare technology. Theator’s AI actually protects privacy, defining the standard of surgical video identification — now with 99.3% accuracy.

Case Study: Improving Patient Care with the Surgical Intelligence Platform

No unique events were apparent during a robotic ureteral reimplantation. But the AI highlighted a possible ureteral injury, enabling the post-op care team to quickly address the complication.

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