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Equip your ORs with AI. Reduce variability in surgical outcomes.

Leverage Surgical Intelligence to deliver higher quality of care across your health system.

A desktop computer, a smart phone, and a tablet all open to Theator's platform, showing surgical insights.

Linking pre-op, intra-op, and post-op data to improve quality of care and minimize costs.

Our vendor agnostic solution uses advanced AI automation to capture, analyze and extract the most valuable surgical data from your procedures in order to deliver meaningful, data-driven insights and best practices across the patient’s journey.

Measure what matters.
Leverage data-driven insights and best practices.

Our Surgical Intelligence Platform aims to support hospitals in reducing variability in surgical outcomes as well as individual surgeons wanting to measure beyond standard metrics such as time, volume and cost.

Screenshot of Theator's platform showing performance for a colorectal surgery. In the bottom right corner, there's an illustration of a brunette woman wearing a white shirt and a navy blazer overlapping the screenshot.


Theator’s Quality Excellence Toolkit is a one-stop-shop resource to surface areas for quality improvement, monitor adherence to best practices, and standardize proven best practices across your institution.


Measure what matters, such as procedure complexity and instrumentation usage, then promote your own proven techniques and best practices. Easily access your own personalized insights and customizeable video library.  

Three smart phones next to each other, all open to various screens on the Theator platform. In the bottom left corner, an illustration of a surgeon with a stethoscope around his neck overlaps the corner of the left-most phone.

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