AWS Partnership LP

Theator + Amazon Web Services

AI-driven Surgical Intelligence, powered by AWS

We’re here to improve the quality and standardization of surgical care worldwide. Our partnership with AWS ensures smart, secure management of the data that puts those goals within reach.

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So. Much. Data.

Over 300 million surgical procedures are performed each year, many using minimally invasive techniques that require an in-body camera system.

Our AI and computer vision Surgical Intelligence software integrates with these systems to automate the real-time capture, de-identification, storage, structuring, and analysis of surgical video. That’s potentially thousands of hours of footage entering the system every day.

With Amazon Web Services as our key technology partner, we’re able to achieve the global scale needed to make Surgical Intelligence part of standard surgical care.

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Privacy & Security FTW

Theator is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. Together with AWS, we’re able to ensure all patient, provider, and procedure data is properly managed and safeguarded at all times.

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The Power of the Cloud

Thanks to AWS cloud computing expertise and services, all Surgical Intelligence data is quickly processed and efficiently stored in a self-managed, cloud-based solution, enabling:

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Real-time video analysis

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Easy access to data & insights from any device

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Maximum storage & cost savings