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About Us

Surgical Intelligence has the unique potential to eliminate variability and disparity in patient care as well as improve outcomes, transparency, proficiency, and perioperative efficiency.
Theator is pioneering this revolution with next-gen AI and computer vision technology that automatically captures and analyzes surgical data in real time to generate meaningful, unbiased, actionable insights.

Our Vision

Our goal isn’t just “better surgery.” It’s to create a whole new experience in the OR using AI. To provide real-time surgical decision support and enable AI-driven procedures — all powered by Surgical Intelligence.
In pursuit of that future, we’ve assembled a team of leading surgeons, computer vision experts, clinical specialists, and software developers. Together, we’re using real-world scientific data to develop advanced AI capabilities that will fuel more consistently successful surgeries and, ultimately, a healthier world.

This is the Surgical Intelligence revolution.

Our Values

Human First

Tech depends on the people who create it. If we’re humble, kind, and empathetic, we can successfully tackle anything that comes our way.

Getting **it Done

We are 100% data driven — and all about results. That’s why we work fast, measure everything, debrief, and optimize continuously.

Every Voice Counts

From patients to surgeons to team members, we count on courageous individuals to challenge themselves, each other, and the status quo.

Shared Understanding

Only when we all see the same big picture in full, transparent context can we achieve the autonomy and efficiency to truly make a difference.

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

Tamir Wolf, MD, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO

Dotan Asselmann

Co-Founder and CTO
Shachar Ravins

Shachar Ravins

Vice President of Finance

Neta Zinger

VP of R&D

Natalie Holger

Head of Marketing

Rachel Feldman

Head of Customer Success

Clinical & Healthcare Advisors

Hon. David J. Shulkin, MD

Gerald M. Fried, MD

Technology Advisors

Ross Girshick, PhD

Neil Hunt


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