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View Key Surgical Moments On-Demand

Easily access defining moments across a range of parameters including: steps, events, milestones and decision-making junctions.

  • Adhesiolysis
  • Decompression
  • Cystic duct leak
  • Critical view of safety


View each procedure as an ordered list of steps and jump right to the specific step you want to learn from.


Examine moments at the critical crossroads between steps or before events to make sharper, more well-informed decisions in the future.


Focus in on specific events that happen throughout the procedure to better refine key skills.


Zero in on the major checkpoints to ensure you consistently align with best practices in every procedure.

Contextual insights to guide surgical decision making
Right Hemicolectomy Step Duration:
  • 3 min 3.8%

  • 4 min 5.3%

  • 11 min 14.2%

    Vascular control
  • 9 min 11.6%

    Mobilization & Dissection – terminal ileum
  • 15 min 19.6%

    Mobilization & Dissection – transverse colon section
  • 20 min 26%

  • 14 min 18.2%

    Specimen retrieval
  • 1 min 1.3%

    Final inspection

Analyze Performance with Contextual Insights

Analyze data with surgical precision. Review key moments in context of both surgeon and patient and use relevant insights to see how your performance compares to your peers.

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Access a wealth of surgical experience. With AI enriched video of over ten thousand procedures and counting, theator puts a world of surgical insight at anyone’s fingertips.

Surgical decision making supported by the world's largest surgical data registry

Powered By Advanced Computer Vision

Surgical Intelligence uses visual AI to scan video footage of real-world procedures, identify every key moment, and annotate them with smart metatags. The result is an intelligent, indexed library that gives surgeons unprecedented insight into how to perfect their surgical decision making.

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Get surgical insights at the office or at home – on any device. Now surgeons can refine their skills anywhere, anytime.

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Our platform is completely secure and HIPAA compliant, ensuring that all sensitive patient data stays private and protected.

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