Surgical intelligence

The Moments
that Make
the Surgeon

theator puts defining intraoperative moments in the hands of surgeons so they can continuously perfect their craft.

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The theator Surgical Intelligence Platform

Using AI and computer vision, the platform extracts and annotates every key moment from real-world procedures. Now, surgeons gain deep scientific insight into their own performances and those of surgeons worldwide.

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Surgical Performance


Review critical moments from operations just like the one you’re about to perform, so you make sharper decisions even in scenarios you’ve never encountered before.


Receive quick, precise and objective post-op analysis on your performance, to build expertise and refine your skills for the future.

  • Smart simplified experience, theator surgical intelligence

    Smart Simplified Experience

    Learn how our surgical intelligence platform automatically generates deep surgical insights and delivers them directly to you.

  • Instant access, theator surgical intelligence

    Instant Access to Key Surgical Moments

    Cut right to the defining moments of any procedure, and start enhancing your performance immediately.

  • Context rich insights, theator surgical intelligence

    Context-Rich Insights

    View surgical moments in context of the surgeon operating and the patient being operated on.

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Intraoperative moments curated

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Backed by Academic Research

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