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Ever wonder if all of the hospitals within a health system are achieving surgical practices? Or how different intraoperative techniques impact patient outcomes? Or why the cost of a procedure is higher at one facility than at another?

Theator Spotlight: Shining a light on surgical variability

Wonder no more! Theator Spotlight offers a window into this void of data. We’ve analyzed thousands of procedures to understand the causes of surgical variability.

We’re excited to introduce Theator Spotlight: shining a light on never-before-seen surgical variability insights and its causes by procedure, and surgical practices to improve outcomes.

We’ll be releasing exclusive insights into intraoperative data drawn from our 6 million+ hours of structured surgical videos.


Theator Spotlight highlights the most impactful surgical practices for each procedure and how they affect patient outcomes, as well as how often these practices are followed. It also identifies the reasons behind surgical variability—across and within health systems—and how to reduce it.

The best part?
It's completely free.

Whether or not your hospital has implemented the Theator Surgical Intelligence Platform (which draws insights from your hospital’s own procedures), these updates are an invaluable way to identify key variables that can impact:

    • Patient outcomes and quality of care
    • Profitability of a procedure
    • Institutional transparency
    • Costs to your hospital
    • Operational efficiency

To get early access to Theator Spotlight, sign up for the waitlist below and be the first to know when these insights are revealed. 

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