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Theator: The Product That Captures ALL Your Surgical Video

Leaders across the surgical profession are upgrading their operating rooms to incorporate innovative AI technologies that improve surgical care. If you’re among these forward-thinking leaders, you may be wondering how to choose between available technologies and which benefits one solution offers over another. 


Here’s what Theator brings to the table that you won’t find anywhere else.

Compatibility With Existing Equipment

Many surgical AI tools on the market are only compatible with their own OR hardware or software. Not only can this mean bigger upfront costs, it can also cause you to miss out on valuable surgical data if all of your hardware and software isn’t compatible with their technology.


With Theator, you never need to worry about this issue because our Surgical Intelligence Platform is compatible with any and all hardware and software you’re already using in your OR. When you partner with Theator, you won’t encounter any upfront costs or delays related to compatibility issues. 

Capture ALL Your Surgical Video

Ensuring compatibility of your surgical AI platform with your existing hardware and software is the first critical step toward capturing ALL of your surgical video going forward- not just some of it. You might be wondering why capturing all your surgical video is so important. The answer is simple: more data = more opportunity to improve quality and outcomes.


Recorded surgical video improves care from multiple angles. First, trainees (and even experienced surgeons) can review cases to continuously improve their technique and decrease errors. In addition, a greater volume of recorded surgical video means more data that can be mined to identify patterns and systems issues affecting care. 


Theator provides two key features related to surgical video recording that set us apart from the competition. Our Surgical Intelligence Platform automatically records every surgical case when it begins. No additional steps or room for human forgetfulness. 


Additionally, our AI technology provides real-time updates and feedback to improve efficiency and alert surgeons to critical intraoperative events as they occur. This means no time-consuming manual review of video footage is needed. Our AI-assisted Platform can identify practice variability, support clinical decision making, and immediately provide the information you need to improve patient outcomes.

Bring Your Operating Room Up to Speed

Partnering with Theator to upgrade your ORs using our universally compatible Surgical Intelligence Platform means capturing six times more surgical video than you would with our competitors. That’s six times the amount of information at your fingertips to increase transparency, enhance medical education, identify practice variability, and improve clinical decision making, quality, and patient outcomes. 


With so many benefits to surgeons and patients, the choice in surgical AI technology is clear. Reach out today to book a demo and learn more about what Theator can do for you.

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