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Enabling surgeons to measure what matters, and leverage their insights

AI-powered, actionable insights automatically delivered to you through capturing, extracting, and connecting your surgical data to patient outcomes

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Measure What Matters

Today, surgeons are measured on vanity metrics such as operative time, procedural volume, and cost which lack significant context.

Theator enables automatic recording, structuring, and analyzing of all intraoperative video data in order to link the moments that matter most to your pre and post-op data. Now you can derive meaningful insights into your practice such as:

Case complexity: Not all surgeries are created equal. Our platform analyzes patient risk factors and intraoperative data to score procedures by level of complexity.

Procedural efficiency: Our algorithms can assess the step duration, utilized procedure time and moments of inefficiency or idle time.

Procedural safety: Theator detects intra-op events that correlate with post-op complications and the achievement of key safety milestones.

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