Out-of-Body Time in the Operating room

The importance of measuring out-of-body time in the operating room

And how this metric led one hospital to over $200k in savings

Out-of-body time is a metric often overlooked by hospitals when analyzing the efficiencies of their operating rooms. But hospitals who use out-of-body time in their OR analysis are seeing huge gains in safety and efficiency. 

Two sheets of paper layered on top of one another showing results from a use case about out of body time.

For this case study, we analyzed ‘out-of-body time’ in 649 gynecologic procedures performed at Sourasky Medical Center.

The data demonstrated a remarkably high amount of operative time spent with the camera outside the body. 

Download the case study to see how this information was used to identify a previously unknown source of inefficiency and save the hospital over $200,000.

Download The Out-of-Body Time Study