Robotic Urology Procedures Live-Streamed with Real-Time Annotations

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Robotic Urology Procedures Live-Streamed with Real-Time Annotations

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Department of Urology

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Mount Sinai Health System


New York, USA

Procedure steps automatically annotated
intraoperative events and surgical practices automatically annotated

The Challenge

Surgical videos are rich with data. However, they typically go uncaptured and unused. Even if captured, hours of unstructured data require too much manual work to analyze. With the help of technology, routine capture and analysis of surgical video data is possible. enables surgeons to view and analyze specific parts of the case quickly.

The Outcome

Mount Sinai Health System used Theator’s Surgical Intelligence Platform to show, for the first time, live-streamed surgeries to an audience with real-time structuring as the procedure progressed. Two procedures were performed: 1. Robotic partial nephrectomy annotated with 15 procedure steps, 1 intraoperative event, and 2 surgical practices, and 2. Robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy with 18 procedure steps, 4 intraoperative events, and 3 surgical practices. 

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