Hospital improves surgical quality while decreasing operative time

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Hospital improves surgical quality while decreasing operative time

Hospital Statistics


Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


Gynecology Surgery


Tel Aviv, Israel

Reduction in median procedure duration
0 %
Increase in surgical practice adoption
0 %

The Challenge

The chair of the gynecology surgery department utilized Theator’s Surgical Intelligence Platform to surface wide variability across the department in laparoscopic hysterectomies – both in the adoption of a specific surgical practice, bilateral view of the ureters, and procedure time.

  • Surgical practice adoption = 43% (varied by surgeon from 0-56%)
  • Median procedure duration = 100 minutes (varied by surgeon from 77-187min) 

The Outcome

After surfacing this data, the gynecology department significantly increased their adoption of a bilateral view of the ureters. Interestingly, this standardization of approach also yielded a reduction in intraoperative events (such as bleeding) and a decrease in median operative time. After 4 months, the department achieved:  

  • 56% increase in average surgical practice adoption
  • 13% reduction in the median surgical procedure duration
  • 53% reduction in the average number of intraoperative events
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