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Theator’s AI-driven video Platform unlocks the data hidden in every procedure, empowering surgeons with clear, actionable, never-before-seen insights. Here’s a closer look at what sets us apart.

Why Surgical Professionals Love Theator

Only Theator’s Surgical Intelligence Platform delivers the speed, singular focus, and revolutionary functionality surgeons and hospitals need to improve care, lower costs, and streamline operations. But don’t take our word for it — see what surgeons and other healthcare experts have to say.

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Theator automatically records and analyzes video in real time, providing insights before you’ve even scrubbed out. The Platform also enables:

More Efficient Procedures

Built-in analytics highlight opportunities for personal and team improvements.

Lightspeed Innovation

Our unique AI approach can scale quickly within and across specialties.



We’re focused exclusively on Surgical Intelligence software — and on making it easy to use and understand. Plus, it works with your hospital’s existing equipment and visualization systems.

What is Surgical Intelligence?

See how the pros define this new category — and how Theator fits in.

A Day in the Life with Theator

From intra-op notifications to post-op insights, here’s what to expect with Theator.



Only the Surgical Intelligence Platform annotates procedures in real time, enabling in-the-moment notifications today — and paving the way for real-time, intraoperative decision support in the future.

What is the Future of Surgery?

We’re creating a path to future transformation with today’s top experts. Here’s their take.

The Evolution of Surgical Innovation

Learn how surgical advancements continue to improve outcomes from Dr. Gerald Fried.

What’s It Like to Work With Theator?

Helping surgical professionals succeed starts with listening to what they need.

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