Surgical video compression guide


The video files are huge (sometimes as large as 10GB) which can lead to high upload times.
The quality of these files is also much higher than what is needed. Audio isn’t needed either.
In order to solve this issue, we first compress the files and only then upload them.


We use a tool called Handbrake to compress files.
First, download theator preset file from here.

Second, download Handbrake. Handbrake can be downloaded from here And selecting “Download (64 bit)”. or using the direct link.

Once downloaded open Handbrake to install it.
Once installed you can open Handbrake in your applications folder.

Now open the Handbrake application and click “Presets” at the top. Then click “Import from file” and select the file `theator-preset.json` that you download earlier. This file contains the compression options to be used when compressing a video.

Now click “Presets” again and click “Set Current as Default”.

The steps above only have to be done upon initial setup.

Compress video

In order to compress a video drag it into Handbrake, or click File > Open Source.
You can select the location that the compressed file will be saved to by clicking “Browse…” in the “Save As:” section at the bottom of the window.
Then click the “Start Encode” near the top of the window to run the compression.

This process can take a while depending on the size of the file. You will be able to track progress at the bottom of the window.

Once complete the compressed file will be in the location you selected above and can be uploaded on the Theator website.

Last updated: May 2020