Senior Computer Vision Researcher

Location: Tel Aviv

Team: Research

Full time

We’re looking for

A top-notch computer vision researcher to join our founding team to play a key role in designing and implementing our ambitious project.

If you’re a super quick study who loves to solve complex problems no one’s ever tackled before, highly motivated, passionate, with a sense of humor, fun to work with and enjoys the occasional poyke – you’re on our wish list!

You’ll be a part of our founding team, one of the first to help create an environment of like-minded professionals tackling a significant unmet need in healthcare. You can expect a high sense of ownership, a lot of responsibility and endless room for growth.

You’ll be responsible for

  • Implementing algorithmic modules that will be at the heart of our products
  • Constantly dealing with huge unsolved CV/ML challenges, continuously pushing the envelope
  • Keeping up-to-date on the most contemporary academic research, making sure that we’re defining the cutting edge in CV/ML in the field of surgery
  • Collaboration with world-renowned researchers that will provide guidance and support
  • The entire tech lifecycle: from proof of concept to deployment in the hands of users
  • Aiding in task prioritization, working with leading medical research teams to quickly execute objectives
  • Working with fellow CV researchers, software engineers, and our clinical team to design and implement a scalable algorithmic pipeline

Your background should include

  • At least 5 years in software development [or Industry research position]
  • At least 3 years in computer vision research or engineering
  • High level competency in python development
  • Experience with software design concepts
  • High familiarity with theoretical concepts of computer vision and deep learning.
  • Experience with at least one deep learning framework (e.g., tf, caffe, pytorch)

You’ll get some bonus points if you have experience with

  • Team management
  • Medical data, imaging, videos, etc.
  • FDA regulated computer vision solutions
  • Computer vision for video systems
  • Video action detection/segmentation
  • Production-ready computer vision solutions
  • Pytorch

Think you got what it takes?

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