Chief Commercial Officer

Location: Palo Alto

Team: Management

Full time

 We are looking for

A CCO to join our leadership team and take ownership of the customer interface by leading a variety of aspects including business development, marketing, product management, customer success, and initial sales.

Key leadership position within Theator, on our way to profitability and growth, building the right commercial infrastructure from the start. Drive development and execution of theator’s commercialization strategy, build our commercialization infrastructure and organization. CCO’s key objectives will be to quickly identify, fine-tune and optimize product-market fit and drive adoption. Success and KPIs will be tied to partnerships, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

You’ll be responsible for

  • Leadership for both strategy and execution of theator’s commercial path. Where to play? How to play? How to interact with markets and accounts?
  • Lead development and execution of theator’s marketing strategy with an emphasis on PMF, market penetration, and growth at low CAC. Aspects also include coordination of all the ancillary customer focus, such as social media, etc.
  • Lead our product management.
  • Develop and implement theator’s initial sales strategy to achieve aggressive growth, including various sales channels. Lead and exceed revenue targets.
  • Own customer success through creativity and customer intimacy throughout the entire account lifecycle [pre-sale, post-sale and onwards].
  • Develop and lead theator’s BD strategy.
  • Build, manage, and grow teams under the CCO for sales, marketing, and business development.

How do you know if you fit right in?

You’re frustrated with the status quo around you and are passionate about improving surgery. You’re extremely well networked with hospitals and surgeon thought leaders. You have ideas on how to productize software analyzing surgical data to create the layer of intelligence that improves performance.

You understand surgeon and hospital needs. You move quickly, thrive in ambiguity and uncertainty, and enjoy blazing a trail. You practice transparency. You’ve achieved momentous accomplishments in your life of which you’re extremely proud, and yet remain kind and humble. You want to be surrounded by stellar team-members and have always strived to hire strong(er) individuals. You lead from the front, and from behind.

Think you got what it takes?

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